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Around the world, thousands of Jewish artists are creating vital new art and literature – a veritable wellspring emerging from Jewish tradition, text, ritual, and identity. 


While our community has several spaces dedicated to rabbinic and scholarly writing, as well as history, journalism, spirituality, and politics, there is unfortunately no singular venue dedicated to producing and promoting Jewish art and creative expression. And while some publications feature Jewish art occasionally, it is rarely the main focus.


Too often experimental and boundary-pushing work remains unpublished and undersupported. Art shows and ephemeral performances are too quickly forgotten without the right documentation. Our community—and others—are missing out on the windfall of inspirations and opportunities for engagement that Jewish arts have to offer. 


And yet, we know that artists play an irreplaceable role in society and culture. Through its creation and dissemination, art inspires discussion across divide, empathy across difference, and deep reflection internally. These are the very capacities we need most as we navigate the increasingly polarized conversations that are tearing our community – and the wider world – apart. 

Ayin was founded because we believe deeply in the power of culture, art, and literature to heal and transform the world, to seed the future, and to preserve the past. Our key initiatives are publishing hardcopy books and a digital bi-annual journal, developing partnerships with a diverse range of ventures, and seeding a network of Jewish artists and thinkers.

Your contribution will directly support the publication of new work that is deeply-researched and creative, hosting events that make that work available to a wider audience, and supporting interdisciplinary collaborations between artists, scholars, rabbis, activists, and others. 

Our vision is to expand the capacity of the Jewish community–and the wider world–to create, share, and appreciate Jewish arts and culture.

By supporting Ayin Press, you’re making that vision possible for generations to come. Thank you for joining us on this important journey to seed the future of Jewish culture!

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